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San Dionisio is a municipality of the department of Matagalpa.

Corrido a San Dionisio

San Dionisio is a village
who is well seated
with its stone bases
and its rivers arenados.

Live alive my people (alive)
with its lands and waters
that his name is San Dionisio
and that exists in Nicaragua.

For that, gazebos are chosen
deputies to watch over those
forgotten poor towns
But nothing went to him
Thank you
they have only left him
the solar as elected
(Chorus) Long live my people!

The age for the century
It was in the time of Herrera
in honor of his people
San Dionisio put him
among so many rulers
that Nicaragua has had
never have they been agreed upon
that in Nicaragua has existed
(Chorus)! Live my town live!

Author: Antonio Arauz.
Rescuer: The northerners.


Population: 21,778 inhabitants
Area: 166 km (square)
Altitude: 460 meters above sea level (meters above sea level)
The municipal capital has 5 neighborhoods: San Francisco, El Zinica, Jaime Rugama, La Colonia and Fabio Martinez.


to the north with San Ramón, to the east with municipalities of Esquipulas and Matagalpa and to the west and to the south with the province of Terrabona.


El Junquillo - The blades
The Carrizal - Ocote Top
Ocote Down - Monte verde
Long Stones - El Jícaro
Los Limones - Wibuse
The chile - Susuli
El Zapote - The corozo
El Zarzal - The tables
The cobano

First Settlers

The first inhabitants of San Dionisio were the Matagalpa Indians with the cultural influence of the Chontal Indians through commercial exchange. The first families were: the Soza family, the Arauz family and the Rayo family.

Geographical accidents

The municipality of San Dionisio is surrounded by small hills and hills, between which it juts out to the east with the hill (433 meters), to the northwest the hill of Hugo (761 meters), and the peña colorada hill at 749 meters.

Economic activities

The main one is agriculture that basic grains such as: Corn, beans, rice. Most of the farmers cultivate for self-consumption, among these stand out: Tomatoes, Chiltomas, Ayotes, Yucas, Pipianes, Onion, Passion Fruit, Cálala, Granadilla, Pitahayas and Caña. The main part of the crop is traditional, with small production prevailing.
Cattle ranching, for meat and for milk, is also important. San Dionisio has 57 pulperías and of these 42 pulperías the taxes and the other 15 pay arrears or have pending months.


-Go to mass on Sundays
-Recreating in baseball games
-Celebration of activities
-Anniversary and birthday memories
-Dressing in black and / or mourning (Death)


-Celebration of the shouting on December 7.
-Elaboration of honey creams, packages with candy for celebrations of the purest
-Elaboration of tamales Pisques Pinolillo (Holy Week)
-Make fritters and milk rice for Ash Wednesday
-Celebration of the festivities October 9 in commemoration of San Dionisio
-Celebration of the national holidays 14 and 15 September
-Pursing to the diocesan sanctuary Our Lord of Esquipulas
-Make ornate in the day of San Juan
-To celebrate Christmas
-Burn puppets to say goodbye to the old year


Viewpoint of Wibuse

Vista desde Wibuse San Dionisio


Also known as Piedra de Wibuse, it is just over 1000 meters high in the center of Nicaragua. It is located in the town of Wibuse, in the northwest part of the municipality of San Dionisio, this is the main attraction that this municipality has. The top of the mountain consists of a cliff top you can see a wonderful view of a large part of the municipality. At the top of the Cliff there is a glass cross made of bricks.

The Three Jumps


This spa is located southwest of the town of San Dionisio at 1 kilometer away its name comes to the conformation of three small waterfalls in series in the ravine of zarcas waters its dimension is 6 meters of surface from 2 to 2.5 meters deep. The current owner is Mr. Cristóbal Canales. This place is open to the public as long as they do not do anything that harms the environment.

Catholic Church

Catholic Church

It is located in front of the municipal park, in the urban area. This religious monument was built according to architectural plans compiled in a book purchased by Monsignor Pedro Vilchez, who was responsible for building outside. The chosen plane is a copy of a Swiss church in the style of the Alps. the organization and control of the work was in charge of Mr. Cipriano Arauz and Mr. Alejandro Membreño.

Municipal park


This is the most visited place by the inhabitants of San Dionisio, a playground for teenagers and the park also has (FREE WIFI) so that the general population can entertain themselves and the students can do the research. The park already existed, but not with these conditions that it has now.

-Wifi Free
-Game games to bring your children
-soccer field

Ocote Top (community)

Catholic Church

Aerial view of the streets of the park

San Dionisio

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parque Municipal

municipal park

Hipico 2017

Hipico (2017)

Avenida Central

Central Avenue

San Dionisio Monumento

Monument to our patron saint

San Dionisio Monumento

Monument to our patron saint

Puente colgante el corozo

Suspension bridge (El Corozo)

Posa las pilas

Poses on the piles

Quebrada Ocote Arriba San Dionisio Matagalpa

waterfall in Ocote Top

Balneario Los Saltos posa 1

Balneario Los Saltos (posa 1)

Balneario Los Saltos posa 2

Balneario Los Saltos (posa 2)

Balneario Los Saltos posa 3

Balneario Los Saltos (posa 3)

Piedra de Wibuse

wibuse stone

Iglesia Catolica

Catholic Church

Iglesia Catolica fotografia(2015)

Catholic Church fotografy:2015

Balneario Las pilas

Balneario en las Pilas

Palo Lucio

game Palo Lucio

Cascada Ocote Arriba

waterfall Ocote Arriba

Procesion Fiestas patronales

Procession festivities 2017

Misa fiestas patronales

Mass Patron festivities 2016

Calle rumbo a Matagalpa

road matagalpa

Calles del Municipio

Aerial photo streets of the park

Fiestas patronales 2017

patronal celebrations 2017

Fiestas patronales 2017

patronal celebrations 2017

Cerro Alto Alegre

Alto Alegre mountain

Bulevar San Dionisio

San Dionisio Boulevard